JCKEL Mini Flexible Sponge Octopus

JCKEL Mini Flexible Sponge Octopus Tripod


1. Universal flat phone holder / camera holder.
2. Applicable environment: desktop and other places.
3. It can rotate 360 degrees.
4. Both sides of the soft rubber and intermediate sponge have the effect of protecting the phone from being scratched.
5. Universal internal spring switch can control the size of the fixture, in order to place different products.
Installation Notes:
1. Pull the clamp to place the phone in the clamp and loosen it to use the built-in spring to grip the phone
2. open the tripod at the same time stretch the stent length, adjust to the desired height
3. rotate the phone angle, select the angle after the lock set screw
4. Triangle foldable transportable support plate
Compatible Phone/Camera Size:  5.5 cm to 9 cm (2.16 inch to 3.54 inch)


CKEL Mini Flexible Sponge Octopus Tripod For iPhone Xiaomi Huawei Smartphone Tripod for Gopro Camera Accessory With Phone Clip